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Tim Knettler, M.B.A., C.A.E.
Executive Director
(703) 738-8161

Mr. Knettler has over 20 year's executive level experience in both for-profit and not-for-profit organizations. He has provided strategic planning, global strategies, transition (Interim) management, revenue/membership growth, public policy/advocacy and other leadership expertise to associations and other non-profit and government organizations. Mr. Knettler currently serves on the Key Professional Association Committee (KPAC) - made up of invited CEO's of the American Society of Association Executives (ASAE), and previously served on Joint Commission's Expert Panel that developed new privileging standards. He is the main contact for new initiatives and works closely with our federal partners, colleagues, and multiple associations to inform the public mental health system through our research and analytical capacities.

Managerial Staff

Sandra Bynum, M.B.A.
Director of Information Technology
(703) 738-8169

Ms. Bynum has over 15 years of IT experience which have primarily been spent in the national and international nonprofit arena. Her responsibilities range from a broad spectrum of oversight and leadership for the various aspects of the IT Infrastructure/Support including networks, servers, database environment, desktop support, and technical expertise along with establishing goals and priorities to help guide strategic decisions to promote growth and development of the organization.

G. Michael Lane, Jr., M.A., M.P.H.
Senior Director of Operations & Planning
(703) 738-8162

Mr. Lane has extensive experience working in the behavioral health field, both as a clinician and researcher. This experience has allowed him to bring the clinical expertise to federally, commercially, and state funded contracts to assist in developing products, writing research reports, and convening webinars that have applicability in a multiple settings to effect quality of mental health care. His expertise is in the area of survey development, writing, technical assistance, and product development. Mr. Lane’s areas of interest are management and leadership issues in the behavioral health environment, provision and delivery of evidence-based services, children's mental health, and patient-centered care.

Ted Lutterman, B.A.
Senior Director, Government & Commercial Research
(703) 738-8164

Mr. Lutterman has 20 years experience working directly with all State Mental Health Agencies in developing, compiling, analyzing, and utilizing performance measures and data on mental health services, finances, and outcomes. He is the director for the State Profiles, SDICC, and OSA projects.

Lucille Schacht, Ph.D.
Senior Director, Performance & Quality Improvement
(703) 738-8163

Dr. Schacht has 20 years experience working with complex data systems, applying advanced analyses, and creating technical reports and presentations. She is the director of the Behavioral Healthcare Performance Measurement System.

Technical and Support Staff

Azeb Berhane, M.A. Kristin Neylon, M.A.
Senior Data Manager Research Associate
(703) 738-8167 (703) 738-8174
Alex Dorisca, Jr. Glorimar Ortiz, M.S.
Administrative Assistant Research Associate/Statistician
(703) 738-8160 (703) 738-8168
Vera Hollen, M.A. Robert Shaw, M.A.
Senior Research Analyst Systems Analyst
(703) 738-8165 (703) 738-8171
Marie Huddle Michael Turchetti
Web Manager Data Analyst
(703) 738-8170 (703) 738-8179
Kara Ledden , M.O.R Ping Wu
Data Analyst Data Technician II
(703) 738-8173 (703) 738-8175
Joshua Nation, M.A.T.  
Senior Data Analyst  
(703) 738-8176