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NRI recognizes the importance of integrating patients’ perceptions of care into standard performance measures—an integral part of The Joint Commission’s accreditation requirement. In 2002, NRI developed the Inpatient Consumer Survey (ICS), endorsed by the National Quality Forum in 2010, to gather patients’ evaluations of their inpatient care.

The survey can be used with both adolescents and adults, and can be administered at the time of discharge or at an annual review. A 28-item self-administered instrument, the ICS clusters measures into six domains:

  • Outcomes of care
  • Dignity
  • Rights
  • Participation in treatment
  • Facility environment, and
  • Empowerment. 

To access our ICS benchmarking services for integrating patients’ perceptions of care, facilities must participate in the ICS module of NRI’s performance measurement system known as the Behavioral Healthcare Performance Measurement System (BHPMS). For a low annual fee, facilities receive:

  • Live, interactive web-based orientation
  • Access to a network of other psychiatric hospitals
  • Personal technical support
  • Live, monthly educational webinars
  • Secure and confidential services meeting HIPAA standards
  • English and Spanish versions of the survey
  • Bilingual, Spanish-English support and resources
  • Access to unique comparison reports containing national averages by domain and stratification
  • A database tool for data entry and storage, and
  • A comprehensive toolkit, including documents such as file layouts, measure descriptions, quality improvement documents, and much more.

Note: There is no charge to individual psychiatric facilities to use our survey—without customized benchmarking services—under the terms of use agreement established by NRI.

Customer Testimonials

"Our hospitals have found the patient surveys to be very useful for identifying and measuring the success of performance-improvement projects. In distributing the surveys, our patient advocates and peer specialists utilize them as a means to further connect with patients before discharge."

—Osawatomie State Hospital / Rainbow Mental Health Facility, Kansas

"The Spanish version of the NRI Inpatient Consumer Survey covers the core issues important to our organization. The survey helps in the identification of service areas that need improvement and could enhance the effectiveness of services of care. On a regular basis, we obtain a complete and validated analysis. This analysis is user friendly, ready to be reported and shared."

Dr. Ramón Fernández, Marina Psychiatric Hospital, Puerto Rico

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