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Evidence-Based Practices

Sampling and the MHSIP Consumer Surveys: Techniques, Models, Issues (PDF, 134 KB)
Vijay Ganju, Ph.D., and Mary E. Smith, Ph.D.
June 2008

This White Paper provides a review of general sampling methods for mental health consumer surveys; an analysis of the various sampling methods used by states including the identification of the sampling issues inherent to each method used; review the use

The Need for an Evidence-Based Culture: Lessons Learned from Evidence- (PDF, 44 KB)
Vijay K. Ganju, Ph.D.
October 2006

This report focuses on lessons learned for implementation efforts in the mental health field, both from experiences on the adult and children's services perspectives. These lessons learned have been culled from workshops, conferences, site visits, and tec

The Role of Leadership in Mental Health System Transformation (PDF, 57 KB)
Jeanne C. Rivard, Ph.D.
October 2006

This report discusses the functions and qualities of effective leadership, and provides ideas on how to motivate change within an organization to encourage agencies to adopt the use of evidence-based practices as outlined in the President's New Freedom Co

Summary of States' Research/Evaluation Priorities based on interviews with State Mental Health Agencies in May 2006 (PDF, 94 KB)

May 2006

Consensus Panel Report: The Development of the Children's Mental Health Implementation Resource Kit: Evidence-Based Interventions for Children and Adolescents with Disruptive Behavior Disorders (PDF, 175 KB)
NRI, Inc.
April 2006

Final meeting report of the Children's Consensus Panel Meeting for the Development of the new children's toolkit. Meeting held April 24-25, 2006 in Arlington, Virginia.

Matrix of Children's Evidence-Based Interventions (PDF, 169 KB)
Jacqueline Yannacci, M.P.P., Jeanne C. Rivard, Ph.D.
April 2006

The NRI Center for Mental Health Quality and Accountability synthesized key literature reviews which summarized the effectiveness of prevention, intervention, and/or treatment programs that can be applied to child and adolescent mental health services.

Principles from Adult Learning Theory, Evidence-Based Teaching, and Visual Marketing: What are the Implications for Toolkit Development? (PDF, 189 KB)
Jacqueline Yannacci, M.P.P., Kristin A. Roberts, Vijay K. Ganju, Ph.D.
February 2006

This literature review is not intended to be a comprehensive review of adult learning or marketing, but rather to cull together these existing reviews to ensure that IRK development is not inconsistent with theory and empirical findings. The result is the

Training and Evaluation Grantees' Outcome Measurement Tools and Methodology (PDF, 49 KB)
Jacqueline Yannacci, M.P.P.
October 2005

Table of outcome measurements used by SAMHSA's CMHS Training and Evaluation Grantees - 2005

Training and Evaluation Grantees' Process and Fidelity Measurement Tools and Methodology (PDF, 70 KB)
Jacqueline Yannacci, M.P.P.
October 2005

Process and fidelity measurements used by SAMHSA's CMHS Training and Evaluation Grantees - 2005

Results of a Survey on Priorities for a National Initiative on Evidence-Based Mental Health Practices for Older Persons (PDF, 440 KB)
Vijay K. Ganju, Ph.D.
September 2005

A presentation that depicts the results of a survey conducted by Dartmouth for the NASMHPD Older Persons Division and EBP Workgroup.

Transformation of the Louisiana Mental Health System: Next Steps (PDF, 46 KB)
NRI Center for Mental Health Quality and Accountability
September 2005

This is the final of a series of three reports. This report reviews priorities identified during the last site visit, from August 25-26, and presents recommendations for next steps to implementing mental health system transformation in Louisiana.

Measures of Organizational Readiness (PDF, 65 KB)
Jeanne C. Rivard
June 2005

Measurement instruments were reviewed that could be used to assess the readiness of organizations to implement evidence-based practices

Report of Ohio Site Visit: Coordinating Centers of Excellence (PDF, 45 KB)
Jeanne C. Rivard, Ph.D.
May 2005

Report of a site visit to follow-up on survey results by gathering more detailed information about Ohio's Coordinating Centers of Excellence so that other states can learn from their experience.

State Activities in Implementing Evidence-Based Programs for Children, Youth, and Families (PDF, 54 KB)
Jacqueline Yannacci, M.P.P., Jeanne C. Rivard, Ph.D., Vijay K. Ganju, Ph.D.
March 2005

Paper presented at the 18th Annual Research Conference, A System of Care for Children's Mental Health: Expanding the Research Base, March 6-9, 2005 in Tampa, Florida.

Results of a Survey of State Directors of Adult and Child Mental Health Services on Implementation of Evidence-Based Practices (PDF, 186 KB)
January 2005

This report presents results of a 50-state survey conducted by the NRI Center for Mental Health Quality and Accountability to: 1) obtain detailed descriptive information on state mental health agencies' policies, strategies, and mechanisms for implementin

Quality and Accountability: An Agenda for Public Mental Health Systems (PDF, 83 KB)
Vijay K. Ganju, Ph.D.
September 2004

A Paper Developed for the Institute of Medicine's Meeting on "Crossing the Quality Chasm: An Adaptation to Mental Health and Addictive Disorders," held September 13-14, 2004 in Washington, D.C.

Planning and Budgeting Evidence-Based Practices for Mental Health and Substance Abuse Disorders (PDF, 427 KB)
Anthony Broskowski, Ph.D., Christina Thompson, Ph.D., and Bill Barton
September 2004

This document is intended to provide technical assistance to members of the National Association of Mental Health Program Directors (NASMHPD) on planning for and budgeting evidence-based programs (EBPs) for mental health and substance abuse treatment.

Report of the Conference: Evidence-Based Practices in Children's Mental Health: Building Capacities for Implementation and Research (PDF, 330 KB)
Jeanne C. Rivard, Ph.D., and Vijay K. Ganju, Ph.D.
August 2003

Official meeting report of the conference: Evidence-Based Practices in Children's Mental Health: Building Capacities for Implementation and Research, held in August of 2003.

Implementation of Evidence-Based Practices in State Mental Health Systems: Implications for Research and Effectiveness Studies (PDF, 86 KB)
Vijay K. Ganju, Ph.D.
July 2003

Provides an overview of the status of implementation of evidence-based practices in state mental health agency systems, the concerns and challenges arising with such implementation, priorities identified by commissioners to move the quality agenda forward

Implementing Evidence-Based Practices Project: National Review of Effective Implementation Strategies and Challenges (PDF, 114 KB)
NRI, Inc.
April 2003

Report of the meeting: Implementing Evidence Based Practices Project National Review of Effective Implementation Strategies and Challenges held April 7 & 8, 2003 in Concord, New Hampshire.

NASMHPD/NRI Survey of State Mental Health Agency Commissioners/Directors on State Needs Related to Evidence-Based Practices Implementation (PDF, 327 KB)
NASMHPD, Inc, and NRI, Inc.
March 2003

Preliminary draft results of a survey of 49 States, the District of Columbia, and 2 territories.

Supported Employment Fidelity Scale (PDF, 91 KB)
Gary Bond, Ph.D.
January 2002

The EBP fidelity scale for the Supported Employment program.